Impact force

  • IF opens new horizons
  • IF makes a world a better place
  • IF drives development


Transforming business and social behavior
to achieve a socially important result.


Bringing together expertise and human potential in important areas such as entrepreneurship, talent development, cultural heritage and traditions, sustainable health, human rights and gender equality.


Collaboration — we’re a shared community.
Diversity & Inclusion — we value.
Authenticity & Creativity — we make difference.
Sustainability & Transparency — we care.
Always a win-win approach — we win together.

Who we are?

Strategic communication experts
with vast leadership experience driving large-scale reputation, brand & behavior transformation campaigns
who create opportunities, change collective behaviors, take action for the common good
Community of leaders
connected directly with leaders of countries, transnational corporations and international NGOs

focus areas

Ukrainian heritage: culture, art and history
Human rights & gender equity
Domestic business & talents
Sustainable health
Ethical investments

& Services

Strategy and road map development
Management consulting
Match making: investors & partners/donors
Education & growth
Behavior changing & transformation
Social impact communication
Social impact assumption / break-down session


Cameron Williamson
CEO Impact Force
Floyd Miles
CEO Impact Force
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Jenny Wilson
IF Adviser
Jane Cooper
Esther Howard
IF Ambassador
Arlene McCoy

IF challenges status quo